Discover the mystical properties of your innate breath, and its power to transport you to deep states of stillness, meditation, and connection to the Divine.

Upon receiving training and mentoring at the Barratt Breath Institute in Restorative Breathwork®, I am ready to lead individual sessions of breathwork inspired by what I have been taught and by my own transpersonal experiences with restorative breathwork.


My approach to meditative breathwork combines conscious breathing practices, evocative music, verbal guidance, and meditation — all in a reclining posture. Rather than a breathing technique, this deeply restorative breathwork cultivates a relationship with our innate breath in a way that opens its natural movements and transports us to deep states of stillness, transformation and healing.


  • $400 for an initial 8-session package (45-90 minutes each session)

  • Thereafter, $55 per individual session or $200 for 4 sessions

For a limited time I am offering the initial 8-session package for $300, which means you get 2 free sessions.



Q: Why do I have to purchase 8 sessions at once? A: The breathwork is progressive and I want you to experience it fully.

Q: Can you offer these as group sessions to reduce the individual price? A: I want all my attention on you and what is happening in your breath. This is not possible if I am monitoring more than one person. 

Q: What is the frequency of the sessions? A: Once or twice a week is ideal, but if you must skip sessions, that is not a problem. We are still progressing.

Q: Where will the sessions be held? A: We can use Zoom for the sessions, or we can arrange for in-person sessions at your place or mine.

Q: How do we get started? A: Please let me know you are interested and I will call you so we can work on a schedule and discuss any questions you may have. I will also send you more information about the program.